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Alternative Fuel

Why Should I add a Waste Vegetable oil fuel system to my diesel?

  • To reduce personal consumption of fossil fuels
  • To reduce dependency on foreign countries
  • To reduce fuel costs
  • Sulfur free fuel
  • 48% less carbon monoxide emissions
  • 47% less particulate matter

This kit can be home built with materials from your local auto parts and hardware store. All you need is an understanding of the system, some mechanical skill and a diesel vehicle.

The kit includes but is not limited to:

  • Fuel filter
  • Filter base
  • wire
  • Heater hose
  • Gas tank kit
  • Hose tee
  • Switch
  • Fuel valve
  • Fuel injection hose
  • Heater hose connectors
  • Ring terminal
  • Clamps